Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Welcome to the August 2007 Ritz Tours China Blog

Nee How Mah? and welcome to our new blog. This blog is a place where we can post comments, trip experiences, and most importantly links to the pictures we would like to share.

For those that want to share individual mail messages or pictures, Marge, Rick, Marcia, and Jim have complied the following list of email addresses. Thanks to Jack for sending them out again! – Marge and Rick Brooks – Jim and Marcia Dowler – Linda and Jack Fisher – Tim Quang - Craig, and Linfa Wong – Rafael and Margo Luna-Victoria – Sue and Len Dubin - Bernie and Joyce Ouziel – Jean Kline - Miles Ouziel – Lisa Ouziel Kathy Dang – Megan Luna-Victoria

I will send all of you the userid and password to this blog so that you can make entries as you get the photos uploaded.

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